"Happy birthday, son!"

Krakatuka Designs have NEW Kit
"Happy birthday,son" FULL kitThis is Collab by Krakatuka&Sashinamama Designs.
Katya(Aka Krakatuka Designs) and her web-friend Irina(Sashinamama designs) have made this new collab for you. Their sons will celebrate their Birthdays in November so they decided to devote collab to this event!
Day of a birth-most joyful day in a year in a life of everyone! This happiness in reception of gifts, in a celebratory cake, in cheerful hats and balloons!They have created this kit that you could keep your joyful and happy emotions! You can make from this both the invitation, and page of birthday!
This kit include 120 elements with and without shadows, 20 papers, 2 sets of alphas(plastic and 3D) and number set.
With each purchase FREE gifts 7 photo masks and 13 WA(24 items)!!!
Hope you will enjoy it!
S4H Friendly!
and My LO,this is RAK for Violet and her cute son"Happy birthday,son!" Alpha"Happy birthday,son!" Masks"Happy birthday,son!" WordArt"Happy birthday,son!" Background

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