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Натуля выпустила в продажу новый набор "Explosions of Fun"
My friend NatashaNast have *NEW* absolutely gorgeous kit "Explosions of Fun"
avialable from today at scrapdish.com
"Decorative Swirls Explosions of Fun"
И вот мои 2работы из этого набора
And two my LO with this kit
Credits here
Credits here

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Vania M. de Andrade комментирует...

This is a very nice kit! Wounderful work! I`ve already bought it. As soon as I make a LO, I´ll send it to you!
Come and visit me on my blog Foto In Scena ! I posted a link to your blog.
Hugs from

Vania M. de Andrade комментирует...

I´m very worried because perhaps I´ve made something that it is wrong and didn´t know. Let me know if it is really wrong. I bought this kit Fun Explosion and used some swirls to make 2 wordarts with it. And I´ve gave away as a freebie down on my blog.In my TOU I gave the credits of the swirls to you.And I thoutht it was ok. But I received a comment from someone that claimed that it is piracy. And I´ve never meant to cause any harm to no one. Please,clear it to me. If it is piracy, I will imediatly cancel the kit of wordarts. And I beg your pardon...
Answer,please, the sooner possible!

Vania M. de Andrade комментирует...

Thanks for your help! I´ve contacted Natasha (I thought this blog was hers...) and I´m waiting for her reply.